Jesus tells us “the Kingdom of God is within.” (Lk 17:21)  Practicing with Christ as our exemplar, we follow him in unity of heart into this promised land of free open space.

The monastic heart is a primal symbol within all of us and points toward our inherent wholeness individually, collectively, and with our God.  A true individual experiences all relationship through this free, open and integral self. It is an experience of joy made true by a willingness to share our joy with others.

If you are a young adult who wishes to deepen your prayer practice or are interested in a monastic vocation, consider attending this weekend.


About This Weekend

Retreat St Clare.jpg

This weekend is co-sponsored by Our Lady of the Redwoods Monastery and St. Benedict’s Monastery and will be held this year at St. Benedict’s in Snowmass, Colorado.  The monastery is an ideal site for contemplative prayer retreats because of its pristine natural beauty, hospitality of the monks, and guesthouse accommodations.

This is the first time these two communities of men and women monastics of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, have come together to facilitate a weekend of monastic practice and prayer together with participants.

Sisters Kathy and Suzanne, Father Joseph and Brother Aaron will be coordinating what we hope will be a transformative weekend for all.

Each accepted retreatant is provided a bed and bath and meals provided for the duration of the retreat. Please bring modest comfortable clothes to meditate in and good walking/hiking shoes.

Your hermitage for the retreat will be shared with another of the participant of the same sex.

A suggested minimum donation of $100 will be graciously accepted.  Thank you!

To apply, please review our Frequently Asked Questions to determine eligibility.